My name is Joseph Yosko I'm A hip-hop artist from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. My hip hop name is J-Yo which stands for my real name Joseph Yosko. The J=Joseph Y=Yosko and the hyphen is because it seperates my 1st and last name. Pretty clever huh?

I lived most of my life in Spring City, Pennsylvania. i just recently moved to Conshohocken, pa. it is 10 minutes from philadelphia. I was born may 2nd 1983. i been doing Hip Hop for 22 years. at first i started out as a freestyle rapper and would battle rap people at house parties because I didn't even know how to write a rap song till i was 23 years old. i didnt even know what the structure of a rap song was. I would just rhyme words and just battle rap people from when I was 16 till when I was about 23 years old.

At 23 years old I got recruited by a local hip-hop group. he was the producer and he had his own  studio. i would watch when he did everything like make beats, record us, mix and master. so I basically soaked up all the hip hop knowlege like a sponge and watched everything he did I learned how to make beats and everything. I was in the group until I was about 28 years old. We opened up for DMX and a lot of mainstream hip-hop acts so I've got a lot experience with live performances and love it.  I'm kind of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to hip-hop. My group broke up in 2012 when I was 28 years old. hip-hop for me is like my counseling and my form of expression so I don't get in trouble or get into fights. So when the group broke up i was lucky I was able to pay attention and was really serious about this craft and learned how to make beats, mix, master, and produce. I also started to learn how to do graphic design but with everything else I do it would have been too much for one person to do. I have a graphic designer that does my album artwork for my mainstream releases he is from the uk.

In 2012 before my group broke up I was involved in a very serious car accident. i trusted a friend that i didn't really know that well to be my designated driver. well we left the bar and i told him to slow down because a curve was coming up in the road and he was doing 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. he didn't listen hit a tree head-on the passenger side where i was sitting. the dashboard came back a shattered my right femur bone into 30 peices. so i was pinned in the car my head hit the windshield which caused my brain to bleed. then i got partially ejected out of the passenger side window and then the car rolled door over door 3 times with me hanging out the window. i had a fractured neck so bad that the rescue workers thought i was decapitated. i fracture my hip, shoulder, ribs, two lower vertebraes in my back, blood on my brain, collapsed lung, and died twice. where I died twice and had a bunch of injuries had my right femur bone shattered in the 30 pieces a broken neck fractured hips fractured ribs fractured vertebrates in my back. 

They basically told me that there was a chance I would never walk again. i treated them telling me that like i treated the haters that told me i was whack and my music sucked. so since they said i wasn't going to ever walk again i did exactly what i did with my music and when someone tells you that right there you gotta decide if your gonna let someone tell you what your gonna do, or you can show them what your going to do. never let anyone determine your future!!!!

So I didn't like them saying I may not be able to walk and if I did walk I'd walk with a severe limp. Well look at me today I don't walk with any limp and you wouldn't be able to tell I was in that bad of an car accident. It's called dedication to prove people wrong because you know what you're capable of just like with my hip hop music my whole family is against me and think I'm wasting my time but I got plans and I don't stop until I reach my goals.

I wouldn't have been rapping for 22 years without having something planned.  So if you stop by the website sign up to my email address newsletter because I also produce custom beats that are for sale. so if you're an artist sign up to the email address that way I could give you dibs on beats before I post them to the website. I'm going to continue to keep rapping till i get to where i wanna be. I now have my own distributor and I do everything myself and have nobody to answer to and nobody to pay So I'm happy and I hope you guys continue to support me and I thank you very much for your support. I will just continue to work on my craft and it doesn't matter if I get rich I just want to be able to help people with my music. Because I have two fans that we're going to commit suicide and then they heard my music and they decided not to kill themselves. I'm still really close friends with one of the people today. when I died and came back from the accident I said I think I was put here to help people. help people not get rich, well my family told me to just give up already. i am sorry but i just can't give up on something i put so much time into. thank you all for stopping by and feel free to reach out to me on any social media.

Car accident July 28 2012

One hell of a story

This is how I woke up on July 28th 2012. That is what happens when someone hits a tree head on at 50 mph