Hey everyone my name is j-Yo which stands for my real name. i am from the suburbs of philadelphia, pa. I have been a hip hop artist for over 20 years. i am 39 years old this year and i started rapping when i was 16 years old. i started out as a freestlyer and battle rapping at house parties until i was about 20 years old. I never knew how to even structure and write a rap song until i got offered to join a local hip hop group around 20 years old. when i got recruited into the group i then learned how to write a song, produce, record, engineer, and make beats. i learned by watching the leader of the group do all our production and working closely in the studio with him. i was in the group till 2012 after I got involved in a serious car accident my group then broke up. it was a great thing i watched him the whole time and learned becuase in reality i cannot be without my music it is my therapy, counseling, and way i express myself.

the car accident happened on july 28 2012, when i was 28 years old. i trusted a fellow local rapper to be my designated driver and he was drinking the whole night behind my back and i didn't know it. we left the club to go back home and he was doing 50mph in a 25 mph zone. last thing i remember is telling him to slow down becuase there was a curver coming up in the road. well...he didn't listen and hit a tree head on the passenger side where i was seated at 50 mph. i suffered a fractured neck, ribs, 2 lower vertebraes in my back, my right shoulder blade, and hip were all fractured, my right femur bone got shattered by the dashboard into 30 peices, blood on my brain and a collapsed lung. i also died 2 times and had to be revived. so this is an amazing story that i want to share with the world.

i also stay determined and never give up just like my logo says and if i can do it you all can to. i wanna help inspire people and motivate them that is why i CALL myself thE #REalliferocky. I will always stand up for what's right and fight for the little guy and the one's that are too afraid to say what is on thier mind. please everyone go follow my on instagram. just click the picture above and let's link up. i will also attach 2 articles to this page that you all can read. also my source article will be out shorly so you all stay tuned. thank you for being here and being apart of my growth and life goals. i really appreciate it ya'll thank you.